As an organizational leader, you are rich in audacious visions for building an enterprise. Every week you read inspiring blogs or articles about the latest innovation strategies, but you lack practical strategies and support for bringing them to life.

You are trying to figure out how to extend the day to make time for work and personal commitments and you are having a hard time fitting it all in. 

Here’s where I can help.

These are not hypothetical issues for me. Equally at ease in the cultures of non-profits and corporations, I know what it takes to translate visions into plans and plans into action. I have spent most of my work time in the wonderful and messy realm of new business. I have launched products and developed programs—all while balancing budgets, teams and deadlines. Whether your enterprise is dot-org or dot-com, I can help you design for short-term wins and long-term strategies that are both key to success.

As an executive coach, I partner with leaders to help them increase their effectiveness and connect with their passions so that they can, in turn, drive the sustainability of their organizations.

As a consultant, I share my experience and knowledge to help clients grow vibrant organizations that optimize all forms of capital and assets--including energized team members, outside investments, partnerships and integrated marketing. 

Case Study

Curt had been the Executive Director of a successful youth development organization for 10 of its 20 years. But with new board chairs the board shifted from hands-off to very hands-on—to the point that Curt felt micro-managed and disempowered.

To read about how Curt, and the organization, moved forward with coaching support, click here.


Clients often benefit from a combination of coaching and consulting.

For organizations, I offer:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Practical Strategic Planning
  • Development and Marketing
  • Cross-Sector Partnerships 

I can help you figure out which solution makes the most sense for you and your organization.