You see a major work or life transition in your future and are not sure how to tackle it. 

It could be that...

You are excited about starting your own business or taking on an audacious career goal—while taking care of your personal life—and doing it all seems impossible. 


You have worked hard to build a career, raise a family, care for the people around you—or maybe all of the above. Now it is time to sort out what YOU want for the future.

I would love to help you figure out what success looks like for you and how you can create a sense of purpose and happiness in your life.

You and I will take a close look at your everyday rhythms. What role do values play in your work and personal life? How do you incorporate exercise, relaxation, food and social habits into your days? You will begin to see how all the disparate parts of your life connect.

Together, we will create a plan so that your daily life is supporting the career or personal transitions you desire. We will work to reset assumptions and habits so that you can work and live with more satisfaction and joy.

Case Study

James was an experienced New York City-based actor, writer and activist, who let fame and fortune-fueled definitions of success rob him of the ability to recognize and value his wealth of accomplishments.

To read about how James moved forward with coaching support, click here.


Your personalized plan will include:

  • Your purpose statement and observable outcomes
  • Regularly updated suggestions for activities and practices
  • Resources: articles, books, videos, music

As you put your plan into action, I will support you with regular coaching sessions (in person, by phone or via Skype) and check-ins as necessary by phone, email, and text.  The work usually unfolds over six to nine months, with sessions normally scheduled every two weeks.

You only need to bring an open mind and a commitment to slow down, ask questions, reflect on your experiences—and a willingness to try new options. I know how challenging change can be, but I will create a safe place for you to explore this unfamiliar territory. 

For individuals, I offer:

  • Integrated Work/Life Structures
  • Personal Purpose Planning
  • Career Development and Planning
  • Stress Management
  • Self-Care and Resiliency


For a free consultation: