Individual Case Study
Coaching, Luke

Luke found that even with steady promotions and raises, satisfaction eluded him in corporate PR. The longer he followed conventional wisdom to stay on the career path he had chosen, the more he felt he had hit a wall.


Luke and I worked on a vision of opportunities at mission-driven organizations; he had many choices in front of him and at times he felt overwhelmed. By helping him name what he actually wanted, in both his personal and work lives, he and I were able to create a map for him to make smart choices. Luke worried that he would take the safe road and go back to his old job. By having someone to walk through this process with him, he was able to keep that panic at bay.


Luke left the “safe” cycle of PR and embarked on a path pursuing work for mission-driven organizations that aligned with his own values. Within a year of coaching, he was the Director of Communications at a high school, a career that he has pursued happily for a number of years. He is living the outcome he had imagined.

“Rachael brings a unique set of skills. With experience as an investigative journalist, she is able to zero in and ask the right questions. Her work as an editor and in fundraising was all about building a compelling narrative; that skill helped me as we envisioned a life for me. As a C-level leader, she really understood how to align resources and goals, and in turn, goals with action. If you are hitting some kind of wall in your life, Rachael is the coach you want by your side as you scale it.”


Individual Case Study
Coaching, James

James was an experienced New York City-based actor, writer and activist, who let fame and fortune-fueled definitions of success rob him of the ability to recognize and value his wealth of accomplishments.


I helped him transform his sense of his value in the world and encouraged him to literally rewrite his personal story so he could see how everything he had accomplished in the past was based on a more authentic definition of success. Rewriting this personal narrative allowed him to create a meaningful vision for the future. Based on this new awareness, we then established a plan for him to build a life that was both meaningful and financially sustainable.


James began to approach his work and world with greater clarity and confidence. Within a year of coaching, he had developed and performed a sold-out one-man show and developed some engaging and profitable teaching and writing opportunities.

“Rachael’s unique balance of kindness and rigor offered me the guidance I needed to re-establish my life’s work based on what I value most. She provided the required tools for me to reevaluate my past successes and then offered the encouragement I needed to rebuild a future based on the things I love to do. But most importantly, she helped me turn my vision into a viable working plan with actual results.”


Organizational Case Study
Executive Coaching, Curt

Curt had been the Executive Director of a successful youth development organization for 10 of its 20 years. But with new board chairs, the board shifted from hands-off to very hands-on—to the point that Curt felt micro-managed and disempowered.


I interviewed a dozen of the organization’s supporters—board members, staff, community members—to get a 360 degree view of Curt’s strengths and opportunities for growth. Based on this information, Curt and I created a development program aimed at helping him strengthen professional and personal areas where he was weak and bolster areas where he was strong. We focused our bi-weekly sessions on improving the partnership between Curt and the board.


At the end of six months, Curt was reenergized and felt all the more committed to the success of the organization. He started to create a sustainable support system for himself encompassing board, staff, other community organization leaders and his surfing community. Board members, staff and community contacts all commented on his strengthened strategic and engagement skills.

“After spending the past six months working with Rachael as my executive coach, I am completely reinvigorated in my role as an Executive Director and more passionate than ever about the work I do. With her calm demeanor, professional yet fun nature, knowledge of the industry and sensitivity towards others, Rachael is at her best in her role as a coach. I would highly recommend her to other non-profit leaders looking to grow both personally and professionally.”

—Curt Yagi, executive director

Organizational Case Study
Strategic Growth Consulting and Coaching, Potential Energy

Potential Energy, a start-up devoted to creating energy-efficient cook stoves for poor communities, recognized the need to expand its funder network, which meant revisiting its brand and addressing organizational capacity issues.


My partner Barbara Stevenson and I helped Potential Energy rewrite its story and strategy to redefine its value for the broader economic development realm. We created an operational plan that integrated messaging, outreach to new funders and internal capacity-building to support the broader vision and mission. We then coached staff on how to engage with new supporters.


Potential Energy broadened its vision and developed a new understanding of its deeper impact. It started to engage new funders.

“I had the pleasure of working with Rachael Grossman and her partner, Barbara Stevenson, when they consulted for Potential Energy. In addition to conducting rigorous funder research and crafting a compelling case for support, they also added value by helping our team clarify our vision and build out an operational business plan to support it. They move seamlessly between creative, big-picture thinking and detail-oriented, practical planning. What’s more, they bring a positive attitude and sense of humor to their projects that makes them fun to work with.”

—Andree Sosler, former Executive Director of Potential Energy, Berkeley


Individual Coaching

“It was truly wonderful to be coached by Rachael. I appreciate her foresight; throughout our coaching time, she offered great suggestions, from meditation to journaling, and other small things that added up to a big difference."


“As a coach, Rachael gracefully navigates between an individual’s personal and professional growth and an organization’s business development. By  balancing best practices experience and creating space for risk taking, she  empowers individuals and teams to produce results that are impactful and relevant.”


Consulting and Coaching

“Rachael and Barbara helped lead the SFCMP board leadership and key stakeholders towards alignment around the organizational mission. Rachael and Barbara took a sensible, collaborative, inclusive, and probing approach. This work was conducted in tandem with helpful professional coaching sessions by Rachael for me in my role as the Executive Director.”

—Rozella Kennedy, former Executive Director of San Francisco Contemporary Music Players (SFCMP)


Consulting: Cross Sector Partnerships

"Solidaridad contracted with Rachael to build a corporate partnership strategy. Rachael provided a unique blend of knowledge of non-profit and for-profit worlds, and is great at speaking in a way that both worlds can understand thereby creating cross-sector partnerships.  Her coaching insights were also very valuable.” 

—Andreanne Grimard, former Director, Economic Development, Solidaridad North America

Executive Coaching

“Serving as the board president of SCRAP-SF one needs to rely on many resources to sustain and grow our organization. Rachael has coached me about organizational development. Her wisdom and experience is invaluable to me. Her counsel is always knowledge-based and also influenced by a true commitment to our mission.”

—Michael Bongiorni, Board President of SCRAP SF


For individuals, I offer:

  • Integrated Work/Life Structures
  • Personal Purpose Planning
  • Career Development and Planning
  • Stress Management
  • Self-Care and Resiliency

For organizations, I offer:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Practical Strategic Planning
  • Development and Marketing
  • Cross-Sector Partnerships